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Welcome to Full Stack Book 2

Hello, World!

Welcome to Version 2 of Full Stack Book.

In the previous iteration, the site was built using Docusaurus and deployed as a GitHub page. However, after careful consideration, I decided to migrate the site to Next.js and Vercel. The primary motivation behind this move is the need for increased flexibility and the ability to customize every facet of the application. While Docusaurus served well for creating a static handbook or documentation site, Next.js is better suited to address the evolving needs of Full Stack Book.

You can still access the old website here https://fullstackbook.github.io/fullstackbook/ and the old repository here https://github.com/fullstackbook/fullstackbook.

Additionally, I've made the decision to remove most of the ChatGPT-generated content. Based on my analysis of page views, those posts were not viewed much and, in my opinion, did not provide significant value. For now, I'll stick to human-generated content but will continue to use ChatGPT for editing.

Feel free to explore the enhanced features and capabilities that Version 2 has to offer. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!