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How To Add Syntax Highlighting To Markdown With Next.js And Rehype Prism

Learn how to add syntax highlighting to Markdown with Next.js and Rehype Prism during build time.

If you'd like to add syntax highlighting at runtime, see How to Add Syntax Highlighting to Next.js with PrismJS.

Step 1: Initialize Next.js project

npx create-next-app@latest

Step 2: Install dependencies

npm i @mapbox/rehype-prism rehype-format rehype-raw rehype-stringify remark-parse remark-rehype unified
npm i --save-dev @types/mapbox__rehype-prism

Step 3: Create a markdown helper


import { unified } from "unified";
import remarkParse from "remark-parse";
import remarkRehype from "remark-rehype";
import rehypeFormat from "rehype-format";
import rehypeStringify from "rehype-stringify";
import rehypeRaw from "rehype-raw";
import rehypePrism from "@mapbox/rehype-prism";

export async function parseMarkdown(content: string) {
  const processedContent = await unified()
    .use(remarkRehype, { allowDangerousHtml: true })
    // @ts-ignore

  return processedContent.toString();

Step 4: Create the mock data


# hello world

console.log("hello world");

print("hello world")

Step 5: Use the markdown helper


import fs from "fs";
import { join } from "path";
import { parseMarkdown } from "./markdown";

const postsDirectory = join(process.cwd(), "posts");

function getMarkdown() {
  const fullPath = join(postsDirectory, "first-post.md");
  const fileContents = fs.readFileSync(fullPath, "utf8");
  return fileContents;

export async function getHtml() {
  const markdown = getMarkdown();
  const html = await parseMarkdown(markdown);
  return html;

Note: The parseMarkdown function can be used with any data source. Not just mock data.

Step 6: Use the html in page


import { getHtml } from "@/lib/data";

export default async function Home() {
  const html = await getHtml();

  return (
      <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: html }} />

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